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Fiorantis | Stone Quarry Tinos

The authentic natural beauty, the uniqueness of each piece of stone, the grandeur of the vibrant colors and designs make the stone an impeccable timeless material that no man can duplicate.

The company collaborates with architects and scholars, with private and public works contractors, with local processing units (slits) but also with stone craftsmen, who can undertake the creation of timeless stone and slab designs of unique aesthetics and high quality.

On request, we can deliver cut (rectangular) stones for specific applications.

Through these partnerships we are able to provide a comprehensive package of services such as:
 Stone Buildings 
 We manufacture taps & wells
 Column coatings 
 Fireplace coatings
 Wood ovens - BBQ
 Stone & Tile Paving
 We manufacture flower beds
 We build stairs
 Interior and exterior wall coatings